Tips on How to Write a Descriptive Essay for School

Descriptive Essay

Descriptive writing is an exercise in identifying sensory details and selecting vivid, specific words that convey the impression you want your reader to get. This is a common type of essay that students are asked to write in school, and it is an essential skill for writers to have.

Choose a topic

The first step to drafting a successful descriptive essay is to choose a topic that interests you. This will help you stay motivated while working on your essay and allow you to develop ideas.

The best subjects for a descriptive essay are places or objects that are unique to you and that you can describe in detail. These can include a house or a place that you have visited your favorite restaurant or a friend’s house.


Choosing an interesting topic helps to hook the readers and keeps them interested throughout the essay. You can also choose a more creative approach to the subject of your essay. For example, you could describe Lincoln Castle from the point of view of a bird or a fairy tale character.

Research and outline your essay

Once you’ve decided on your topic, you’ll need to research it and take notes on the information you find. Writing an outline for your essay is also important before you begin writing. This will make it easier to write your first draft.

Use a strong opening paragraph

A good opener for your essay will give the reader an idea of what to expect in the rest of the essay and will introduce the main topic of the piece. In addition, a strong introduction will also help your reader to relate to the subject of your essay and connect with the feelings it evokes in them.

Be careful with cliches

You may be tempted to use cliches in your description, but these are often overused and will not tell the reader anything about your personal perspective. Instead, try to reflect further and think about what would be more precise and effective word choices in your own situation.

In addition, you can also use metaphors and similes to make your descriptions more vivid. This is especially helpful when writing about the senses, which are often difficult to describe.

Be careful with adverbs and verbs

Adverbs are words that describe the actions of other people or things. They are helpful when explaining how something is felt, smelled, or sounded. They can also emphasize the importance of a particular thing or person.


Always appeal to the five senses

The most important rule of descriptive writing is to be sure to convey a full picture of your subject to your readers. This means using language that makes sense and is appealing to the reader’s five senses, as well as the senses of their environment (e.g., sound, sight, smell, and taste).


Conclusions are essential to any writing, but they can be particularly crucial for a descriptive essay. A strong conclusion will summarize the main points of the body text and leave your readers with a lasting impression.

Tips on How to Write a Descriptive Essay for School
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