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about the team

OZ built off of the S*Park brand to develop a strategic marketing plan, a lifestyle video, a ‘a day in the life’ graphic novel, revamped the website and social media to tell the S*Park story. In addition, OZ worked with the developer and sales team to roll out a series of community activations and the collateral to support each event. You will see the creative force of OZ Branding behind the creative, copywriting, social media, advertising, poster artwork and video production.

tres birds workshop is a full-service Architecture and general contracting firm based in Denver, Colorado. Our primary objectives are to unite humans with nature through the built environment and lower embodied energy + fossil fuel consumption in the practice of architecture.

The natural world runs on highly sophisticated and efficient systems that create balance and order. We seek to mimic this efficiency and view each project as a total system to be approached in an integrated manner, using cross-disciplines: artistic practices, science (biology, ecology), engineering, and sociology.

tres birds workshop works on projects with people who share our values of environmental stewardship, human health, community enrichment and artistic appreciation. We engage in a range of project types: historical renovations, new construction, office spaces, creative studios, retail, restaurant, mixed-use development, single-family homes, multi-unit residential buildings, civic, temporary installations, cultural institutions, locally, domestically or abroad.